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Are You Ready for WHEN you have a data failure?

We always recommend that you backup your data, yet we find most customers come to us only after a catastrophic failure. We get it your busy and you can’t be bothered, but you will be even busier when you lose access to your Dropbox, or your Hard Drive fails. If you have important files, whether you are a parent with photographs of your child, or a Small Business with years of customer data on your computer how prepared are you if you get hit with a ransom virus (Which we will cover in-depth in a later post) to a complete drive failure and everything is gone?

Do not be another statistic where you start backing up only after losing everything, or having to spend THOUSANDS on very expensive HDD Data Recovery. Please read this post and tell your friends.


First let’s start with a list of things that are NOT Backups. We have seen this so many times as people thinking this was their solution.

  • ·         Backing up your laptop to an SD Card in the same Laptop is NOT A BACKUP
  • ·         Backing up to a Hard Drive that is 6 inches away from your computer is NOT A BACKUP
  • ·         Backing up your E-Mail to another E-Mail account is NOT A BACKUP
  • ·         Backing up your data from one folder to another is NOT A BACKUP
  • ·         E-Mailing files to yourself is NOT A BACKUP

Have any other examples? Leave them in the comments!


The Backup Rule of Three

So here is the rule. It’s a long time tech guy rule of thumb that is our go to, the Backup 3-2-1 rule.

  • ·         3 copies of anything you care about – (Two is not enough if it’s important)
  • ·         2 Different Formats –(External HDD/Server + Memory Sticks, DVD Backups + Dropbox, etc.)
  • ·         1 Off-Site Backup – If your house or business burns down/Theft, How will you get your data back?


Why so Paranoid?

Simple, because you care about your data and would be very sad if you lost all of it.

Think about all the times you have heard about a friend who has lost everything. A decade of photos, Years of customer data. What about the people you know who have had their house burn down or had a major theft losing everything. You can get insurance for your belongings, but your data (Financial or Personal) can only brought back by you being proactive.


Ok Ok I Get It, What Should I Do?

I think the bare minimum folks should have is;

  • ·         Have TWO physical backups (Hard Drive or Flash Drive) with a copy of everything important.
  • ·         Back Up everything that has data that matters, This ALSO includes your phone!
  • ·         Have a cloud backup (One-Drive, Dropbox, Carbonite, Google Drive)
  • ·         Don’t solely trust the cloud, keep your most important data on a physical media OFF-SITE. (Moms/Grandmas House, A friend’s house) and rotate them each time you visit.