The Only IT Team You Need

We are your personal IT Guy. If it has a chip in it, we can solve the problem. From questions about your cell phone to enterprise quality support for the small business we can handle it. We maintain and consult for clients ranging from a few systems, to hundreds of systems. We can serve as your only "outsourced" IT department, we handle it all

We Dig Deep for Data Recovery

Plenty of companies say that they do recovery, but in our opinion, most of them are doing it wrong.

We use a hardware tool focused purely on hard disk data recovery and forensics solutions. We create an image of your malfunctioning hard drive and copy the image onto a functioning drive. Compare that to what most companies do: use software tools to try to pull data off a malfunctioning drive, which can actually damage the drive even more.

Our success rate for data recovery rate is 80 percent. The data recovery rate using software is 30 percent, at best.


Why else should you choose ConteTech for data recovery?

  • All our data recovery work is done in house.
  • We charge an $85 attempt fee for data recovery. If the attempt is successful, that $85 is applied to the cost of a full recovery, which typically ranges from $150 to $300 depending on the complexity and time involved.
  • You’ll have a good idea of the expected charges when you walk out our door.
  • We can typically complete data recovery in three days or less.


Our technicians receive specific training in data recovery, which means they can do more than run off-the-shelf software-based programs. And maybe just as important, they take data recovery just as seriously as you do.


Business Continuity

There are two ways to protect yourself and your important business data:

  1. Back it up continuously and offsite.
  2. Use a system that not only backs your data up in real time, but also captures the entire system in its complete form. This is a true disaster recovery plan.

We offer excellent products and services to fit both of these needs. Give us a call so we can help you determine which is best for your business